Kubernetes Training

Kubernetes and the Cloud Native landscape can seem overwhelmingly complicated at first, but with the right guidance they can bring huge benefits to your dev organization and your business. To help your team get the most out of Kubernetes, I offer personalized training programs in Kubernetes and related technologies. Some options include:

  • One-Day Crash Courses: Learn the basics of provisioning Kubernetes clusters, deploying applications to Kubernetes, and common Kubernetes operations.

  • Multi-Day Bootcamps: Dive into advanced Kubernetes patterns and best practices, such as:

    • Deploying stateful applications to Kubernetes.
    • Setting up monitoring and centralized logging solutions.
    • Using service meshes such as Istio.

All my training workshops are customized to fit your team’s specific needs and abilities. If this sounds like it might be a good fit, send me a message in the chat bubble or fill out the form below.

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