Kubernetes Migrations

Moving your production workloads to Kubernetes can have a huge positive impact on your business under the right circumstances. As part of a comprehensive DevOps strategy, Kubernetes can help enable:

  • Agile development through CI/CD and automated deployments.
  • Improved reliability through automation and SRE best practices.
  • Increased velocity by leveraging open source tools and standardized deployments.

But with Kubernetes’ power comes a lot of complexity and a myriad of choices. Having an experienced hand help with the design and implementation of your migration strategy can make the difference between a successful migration and costly fiasco.

I have years of experience running Kubernetes in production and have worked on migrations from small startups to large enterprises. I’m also a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and have a deep understanding of the Kubernetes internals (check out my blog for some of my technical deep dives).

If you’re in need help planning or executing a Kubernetes migration, drop me a line in the chat box or fill out the form below so we can schedule an initial consultation.

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